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I am pick picture who sharing fatties

These images change everytime so why not open a few you like in tabs then refresh the to get a new set of images. Have you got some photos you wish to share with us and want the world to see?. A public nude is a photo ed to the site with the public button on and can be seen by anyone how is lucky enough to click the random buttonand get to your image.

Nude Picture Sharing

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Name: Addia
Years: 49
Nationality: Emirati
My sex: Female
My Sign of the zodiac: Libra

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The sad thing is that this was one of the tens others that we receive every single day. Please reach out to us at contact cyberbdia. My friend sent a vulgar video to a whatapp group by mistake Actually he never does so and i have found him always against it. My daughter is just 11 years old. Very good initiative for someone who is living in India where these things are as vulnerable as ppl commiting sucide bcz of this thing.

What should we do sir?

Sharing nudes and semi-nudes: advice for education settings working with children and young people

However if there is any criminal action later on, this act can be in question. I was in a relationship with someone who is now threatening me that he is sharing to my porn video and private part to social media can I have a case against him? I m scared I want to take action against him. Sir some one spread me and my wife mobile nude over whats app and both of us getting call as well as lots of message from lots of country please help us to find them. I was in a relationship with him online …He always coaxed me to send such pictures… He has my picture no.

Keep reading them and sharing with your friends and family. But do not worry, the law also protects your privacy if someone tries to blackmail you or uplo your private pictures at any place or sends them to anyone.

Pic-share: nude & porn pic & image sharing

You should always prefer using original and verified applications. And bi -mistakes he has sent a nude pic after1min he deleted that pic everyone. Hi Nikhil, It is definitely not recommended to use modified apps. Please advise. However, existing laws such as the Indian Penal Code, and the Information Technology Act, are interpreted constructively for the purpose.

When nudes get shared around

Hi Vandana, We would be more than happy to help you out. Does mutual exchange of normal message and i demand meeting somewhere lead me in trouble i have not used any wrong word please advise. The gist is that, if you send something to someone or publish online that is lascivious tending to excite lust, obscene etc.

My ex is blackmailing me, he has my nudes which we shared voluntarily on whatsapp in Recently I came to know he has made a video of me with me on his CCTV and he is showing it to others. What he should do? Please get in touch with us at contact cyberbdia.

No, statistics indicate that the same is the position in the west as well and other nations with a different culture than ours. I m 35 year old lady.

Trade pics - swap nude photos and erotic videos for free

My photo was a normal passport photo only …. Hi, Please drop an regarding this at contact cyberbdia. And when someone sent to me on 1st MarchI had seen it and it was not my daughter. Please reach out to us via contact cyberbdia. I am an Indian n met an US lady online n she asked me to add her on whatsapp which i did.

If you are exchanging normal messages with mutual consent and accordingly planning to meet, it is not illegal. Please advice. Maybe you could space it out better? Hi Shweta, Thanks for your kind words. If someone send vulger comment or picture on whatsapp to whom we should contact. How can I deactivate her without her knowledge as she becomes a psychiatric patient due to heavy use of social media.

Trade pics - swap nude photos and erotic videos for free

Hi, Whether a piece of content comes under the umbrella of the word obscene or not is a highly subjective issue. One of the major reasons the title says so is that a lot of readers want an answer to this question. Please guide me what to do. We received a message on our WhatsApp helpline a few months ago from a girl who had sent certain objectionable pictures of hers to a boy who she was in love with. Dear sir, If some one send nude photos to someone through whatsApp, is there any chances to leak that photo through whataApp. So I deleted.

Pic-share: nude & porn pic & image sharing

Law enforcement agencies will start the investigation only after being informed about a particular crime. Surveys, studies and researches have all suggested the same thing over and over again. Though not explicitly, but the IT Act does prohibit publication and transmission of obscene content and sexually explicit content under Section 67, 67A, and 67B.

If you need to know more about this, you can get in touch with us over Facebook or our WhatsApp Helpline. Bcoz he is in Problem. Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. Please mail your problem at contact cyberbdia. Claiming monetary damages from the website may or may not be possible.

Send me a pic?

We also have screenshots of other characters who have commented sickly on the photos. The threat was that he would put the pictures online and distribute them among his and her friends as well. The interesting fact was that she was not even 16 and now being blackmailed to keep sending her pictures to him. Is it possible to find out who has done it? Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two pictures. Hi I want to confirm that if anyone like my office coligue share of any photo of mine which is hanging on the wall of my office in a official WhatsApp Group so can I take any legal action????

But if we look closely at Section 67 of the IT Act,it goes on to say that if somebody publishes or transmits any material which is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest or if its effect is such as to tend to deprave and corrupt persons who are likely, having regard to all relevant circumstances, to read, see or hear the matter contained or embodied in it, shall be punished on first conviction with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years.

Is the reason nude But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Have replied to your picture. Can you plz help me. If there is to be a situation later where you need to defend yourself after sending such content to sharing, it can be problematic and I am writing about this from experience of a case.

Is there any chances to call from cybercrime. Now one of the group member is trying to blackmail him. Is it a crime?

Hi, Please immediately at contact cyberbdia. Sir, I have a friend, he got a call from unknown. Kindly help. Please write to us at contact cyberbdia. So the best advice to give to you right away is not to indulge in sending any nude pictures or videos over chats and s that can cause problems to you. I m totally stuck. Can you please share the incident on our id contact cyberbdia. Kudos to you! Do write to us at contact cyberbdia. But after one year again it came with family details.

Hi, A legal action can definitely be taken against the person who has ed her photos on xvideos. It is that more than half of the young population of the country is involved in sharing nude pictures, semi-nude selfies and intimate moments over WhatsApp and other chat messaging applications.

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Moreover, if it is a minor in question that you entice or induce basically, get a person below 18 years of age to send you nude pictures or even get in a relationship with youaccording to Section 67B the punishment can be for five years. To read about How to take down Revenge Porn depicting you off the Internet, follow this link. She chatted with me n asked my name pkace n photo of mine which also i gave. If your photos are being used to blackmail you, you can definitely take an action against the said person.

Obviously n always pressurises me to send ….

Sharing nude pictures over WhatsApp can be illegal even if both the sender and the receiver consent. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the structure of your site? There is no specific law against it and neither is there enough precedent. The law in India does not talk about sexting or revenge porn but these are the things that all of this relates to. For further help, feel free to write us at contact cyberbdia.

Can we take legal action against the unknown offender and claim monetary damages from web site? She just blaming me for this we are newly married and now she want divorce in 15 days.

It crime to send porn gif and porn pics to my wife?