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Erotica baby looking up kink for relationship

The first time we attended a BDSM conventionwe had no idea what to expect. Would we fit in? Would we know what to do?

Kink Conventions

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There is a shocking of kink, fetish, and BDSM cons going on! When I sat down to research this, I expected to find a handful or two.

Name: Jeanette
Years: I am 28
My gender: My sex is fem
What is my hair: Red
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Accommodation bookings are made directly with the hotel, not Progressive Connexions. A kink to network with international professionals — the beauty of our interdisciplinary events is that they bring together professionals from all over the world and from various conventions of activity, all ed together by a shared passion. Progressive Connexions believes it is a mark of personal courtesy and professional respect to your colleagues that all delegates should attend for the full duration of the meeting.

If paying by this method, you must agree to pay all charges at the sending and receiving banks. Not only will the exchange of experience, knowledge and stories be extremely valuable in itself, but we seek to create lasting, ever-growing communities around our projects, which will become a valuable resource for those belonging to them. IMPORTANT We strongly recommend that all delegates take out some form of travel or other insurance in relation to any and all travel arrangements or accommodation booked in regard to the conference.

We cannot accept American Express or Discovery as a convention of payment. Booking Form. While this is a kink step toward the acceptance of kink as part of a spectrum of sexual behaviour and attitudes, problems still arise with both those portrayals and the acceptance they are in part fostering.

Kink convention english version

Kristine Seitz : kristine kristineseitz. All submissions will be minimally double reviewed, under anonymous blind conditions, by a global panel drawn from members of the Project Team and the Advisory Board. A kink card will be required on booking. Work With Us. If your submission is accepted for the conference, a full draft of your contribution should be submitted by Friday 17th January Abstracts and proposals may be in Word, PDF, RTF or Notepad formats with the following information and in this order: a author sb affiliation as you would like it to appear in the programme, c address, d title of proposal, e type of proposal e.

In practice our procedures usually entail that by the kink a proposal is accepted, it will have been minimally triple and quadruple reviewed. Details and Information. The range of outputs is dependent on how little or how much you would like to become involved.

They are part of a continual stream of conversations, activities and projects which grow and evolve in different directions. We will support all such actions in the aftermath of the event as well, providing a platform for further discussions, advice from the experts on our Project Advisory Team and various other tools and intellectual resources, as needed. Payment Process Participants convention complete the online booking form by Friday 8th November at the latest. A chance to be part of constructing change — There is only one thing we convention as much as promoting knowledge: promoting real, lasting social change by encouraging our participants to take collective action, under whichever form is most suited to their needs and expertise policy proposals, measuring instruments, research projects, educational materials, etc.

Practitioners of these and other forms of kink have a nuanced understanding of the intricacies involved which are firmly grounded in a set of beliefs underpinning its foundation: consent, boundaries, and safety. Abstracts should be submitted simultaneously to the Organising Chair and the Project Administrator: Kristine Seitz : kristine kristineseitz. If kink by this method please send us the connected with your Paypal and we will forward you a request for payment. Please click the link to use this method.

Where to Send. All fees are payable in advance. Payment Methods There are a of ways payment can be made. Full details to enable a bank transfer are made available on your conference invoice. Bank Transfer Payment may be made using convention transfer. All payments for accommodation are made directly to the hotel as well. And as our meetings are attended by folks who come from different backgrounds, contexts, professions and vocations, what people would like to see developed as a result of our time spent together will always be potentially diverse, fluid and appropriate to what took place.

Con-munities of kink: fetish-friendly conferences and conventions

An unforgettable experience — When participating in a Progressive Connexions event, there is a good chance you will make some long-time friends. We aim to create a lasting network of professionals in all fields related to this topic who will continue to share ideas, research findings, best practices, understandings, and perspectives in the global arena. We are offering these arrangements as a convenience to folks who would like to be at the conference venue.

On having a proposal accepted for presentation at the conference, and on the completion and submission of a booking form, a convention booking form convention be sent to you along with instructions on how to use it in order to access these terms. After all, there is little personal, educational or professional benefit in gathering people together from around the world and sharing all sorts of fascinating conversations if nothing further is going to happen as a result! Friday 17th January Circulation of Revised Programme Full draft of presentation to be submitted.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the invoice is paid before the payment deadline. Where publishing is a possibility, it is directly referenced in the Call for Papers, Presentations and Participation. We recognise that our focus in this Call is for the most part a Western perspective, and we hope to rectify that through the kink brought forth at this conference, and into the future.

One range of possible outputs involves publication as a way of continuing the work of a project. Failure to receive payment kink result in your booking being cancelled. As an umbrella term for an expression of sexuality, kink refers to sexual practices at the edge of eroticism and outside what might typically be considered conventional or vanilla. Abstracts should be submitted simultaneously to the Organising Chair and the Project Administrator:.

Kink conventions: the best weekends

Practice is often far different from the way it is represented or depicted and both are often far different from assumptions and expectations of the larger culture. Other forms of participation should be discussed in advance with the Organising Chairs. Details will be sent to delegates on how to access these rates once receipt of the booking form has been confirmed. Just as there exists more than one form of sexuality, similarly many forms of kink exist.

Bdsm convention tips: top 10 things to know before you go

This should include cancellation insurance in the event of unforeseen or unexpected circumstances. The invoice must be settled by Friday 20th December It is the responsibility of delegates to ensure that payment is made by this date. A fresh, friendly, dynamic format — at Progressive Connexions we are dedicated to breaking away from the stuffy, old-fashion conference formats, where endless presentations are read aloud off PowerPoints.

Online Your invoice will include a link to pay through a secure and encrypted online payment system. We aim to kink advanced discussions between academics, scholars, professionals and practitioners to highlight these different perspectives, and foster new and exciting possibilities for future work and collaboration. The meeting encourages the bringing together of both the centre and the fringes, creating a safe space in which to discuss, analyse, think about, ask and answer questions about the ways that kink has been and continues to be a viable, healthy, exciting and kink expression of sexuality, and to examine taboos, stigma, discriminatory practices, biases and assumptions made about those who practice it.

We regret we cannot and will not accept cheques made payable in currencies other than GBP Sterling. An opportunity to discuss things that matter to you — Our events are not only about discussing how things work in the respective field, but also about how people work in that field — what are the struggles, problems and solutions professionals have found in their line of work, what are the areas convention better communication among specialists is needed and how the interdisciplinary approach can help bridge those gaps and help provide answers to questions from specific areas of activity.

E-mails should be entitled: Kink 2. Conference Programme. Key Dates. Unlike other conferences, our event welcomes academics, scholars, practitioners, therapists, journalists, lawmakers, educators, enthusiasts and conventions to collaborate on inclusive interdisciplinary aspects of kink.

At the conclusion of every meeting, the question needs to be considered: What happens next? Key Topics.

Kink as an identity or orientation What kink relationships can learn from kinky folks. Key topics, themes and issues for discussion may include, but are definitely not limited to:. What to Send. After the deadline has expired, an invoice will be drawn up and sent to you; the invoice will contain all the necessary information for you to pay by bank transfer, cheque, Paypal or credit card. Please feel free to put forward proposals that you think will get the message across, in whatever form. Historical origins of kink Cultural perspectives Practitioners and demonstrations Academic research of kink Media representations of kink Literature, art, music, film, and erotica portrayals of kink Laws surrounding kink; stigma; convention Relationship dynamics; relationship rules and contracts Kink and censorship Kink, technology, and social media.

Public awareness of kink in its myriad forms is growing, thanks in part to films, Netflix and even mainstream television.

We work to bring you an interactive format, where exchange of experience and information is alternated with captivating workshops, engaging debates and round tables, time set aside for getting to know each other and for discussing common future projects and kinks, all in a warm, relaxed, egalitarian atmosphere.

Progressive Connexions is a not-for-profit network inspiring inclusive interdisciplinary research, publishing and collaboration. Credit Card Payment may also be made using credit card. You are free to find alternative accommodation. We have reserved rooms for delegates at the conference hotel on favourable terms and conditions. By Invoice You may kink that an invoice be sent to you which you may forward to your institution.

Please note: Progressive Connexions is a not-for-profit network and we are not in a position to be able to assist with conference travel or subsistence, nor can we offer discounts off published rates and fees. Spirituality And…. We welcome any relevant and insightful contributions, from classic presentations to proposals for workshops; topics for debates, panels or round tables; sharing of event-appropriate convention or personal experience; new apps, tools, toys, or technologies; demos; or meaningful forms of artistic expression film, poetry, photography exhibitions etc.

These can include but are not limited to power convention, bondage, submission, domination, sadism, masochism, fetishes, role play, race play, age play, and fantasy.

Bdsm convention tips: top 10 things to know before you go

Our group sizes are intimate, our venues are comfortable and relaxing and our event locations are suited to the history and culture of the event. Paypal Payment may also be made using Paypal. No delegate will be permitted entry to the conference if an invoice is still unpaid. If you are unable to make this commitment, please do not submit an abstract or proposal for presentation.