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I kik friend who cheaters chatlines

This article is intended to showcase all of the apps that cheaters will use to keep their affairs a secret. Additionally, you will learn about some of the features of these apps and even some techniques you can use to find out if your partner is being faithful. Unfortunately, it is a common thing for people in relationships to cheat these days.

Kik Cheaters

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Kik messenger cheating is a common occurrence, but you should remember that if your spouse is a cheater, he or she may use any other social media for cheating as well. Thus, Kik messenger is used for cheating as often as many other social networks are.

Name: Lira
How old am I: I am 30
Nationality: Panamanian
Sexual preference: Man
Iris color: Enormous green
Languages: English
What I like to listen: I prefer to listen pop

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If it were me I'd be seriously considering whether or not to continue in the relationship. Not all KIK users are cheats looking for an affair or fling, I have it for chatting to online gaming friends and other messaging, it's not always for cheating. I just want it all to go away so we can go back to our lovely life. I honestly can't believe he would write such crude things to someone.

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Sending my support. Look up her username also. I'm sorry you're going through this. Stay on mn and vent to us! Having been through it, I wouldn't want to hear the minimising, excuses and lies. What is it about kik that makes it suitable for adultery? You could ask a relative or friend to set up a fake profile for you on there see if he takes the bait.

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I'm really sorry. Mumsnet has not checked the qualifications of anyone posting here. I think I'm going to get his diary and see if the dates marry up with when he was away with work. And I wouldn't want to waste any more of my life checking up on him or wondering whether he's cheater doing it. Can you go back to normal after that? I won't deal with any man using it. Look at his username and it it is really unique, google it just in case he's put it online and is looking to chat that way.

How is it different from, say, WhatsApp or normal messaging? There was one thread from a person, called Sophia in April and May. All the conversation was one sided and there was no response showing. He has deleted the but I stupidly didn't take photos as I just felt ill when I cheater them so turned it off. The annoying thing kik I want to cry and talk it through with my husband but in this instance I can't.

I'd be confused why sometimes their messages didn't get through but that's because married men delete the app when they are with their spouses then they reinstall to start the affair again. So I told him not to lie and he said it was for. I've been through this before. App can be deleted and reinstalled if you need to hide it. Or does she call him? Most people here are very supportive when someone is in genuine need of help. Without proof, you'll begin to doubt yourself and ease back into the kik quo. Once the trust is gone it'd be hard to get that back and I'd be worrying all the time that he was doing it again.

I'm not being flippant.

Do people use kik to cheat?

That was my experience anyway. SM thing for work so I told him not to lie and he denied it so I asked why there was such a filthy conversation with some girl on it. It's deceit however you look at it, just a matter of,you deciding if you can forgive him and trust him.

How would that go down? Do you think so?

I noticed the dates were all April and May and the very explicit messages. It was a fairly 'filth' sexual conversation, not suggesting that they'd had sex but a very sexual conversation nonetheless. Sorry your going through this OP, it does seem like he's not being fully honest. Well I would take photos of everything as evidence and tell him to leave. I have no idea. Unless you want to negotiate an open relationship where you get your rocks off with other men? To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new cheaters see fewerand support Mumsnet. Anyhow, I found kik had the.

It all feels surreal, I kind of want to laugh because I just can't believe this is actually happening.

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And it will have been for pleasure - why else?! Sadly I think it was him sending the messages, I couldn't see any responses from her, hence me not being sure how it works. Help, I feel sick. I think you have to make him see what he stands to lose.

Tell him if he is to have a chance of coming back he has to be completely how stand open. I don't know what to do. Do her messages get deleted?

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There were maybe eight comments. Your heart will be in your throat for a while. Thank you everyone. OP I'd be inclined to ask. You must still be in shock. I've just asked him Why he had kik and he said he didn't know. So sorry that you've found the app and the messages. I'm not sure with Kik tbh. I need to snap out of that though.

I don't know what to do, I feel sick. Or meet up with him to act on what he said? With Kik you don't need a phone so it's easier for. I think that sex messaging is a form of cheating even in the absence of physical contact. He apologised and spent ages saying he'd never act on it, never has and never will. Well, he's cheated hasn't he? You'd be surprised how many people have their KIK username in their social media profile.

Before I realised what it was for, is chat to potential dates on there and meet up with them. I'm so sorry you're experiencing this, I know how you feel.

Even if you are ultimately able to reconcile, cheater him to give you space shows him how serious this is. Best bring it up, be really strong about it and do not kik him convince you that you're the one in the wrong I fell in to this trap too many times and it is completely soul destroying. Sorry, OP. He's most likely cheated OP. I've been doing online dating a while and married men always want to use KIK, it's a great al to single women to avoid a man.

I think the danger is that he'll minimise and deny. I was not expecting him too, the only reason I looked is because he is being uncharacteristically nice as in reeeaallly nice, most of the time he is just normal nice. I honestly don't know what to do. I suggest taking photos of everything.

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It feels like a different person. I heard on here about kik and how it was used by people having affairs so I looked at my husbands phone to see if he had it.

I just feel disinclined to trust him as he lied when I initially confronted him. I would say it could be nothing but in this case, it doesn't sound like it is.

Sorry op in my experience it's married men who usually use it.